Privacy Statement

We take the protection of your privacy and the personal data, which you have provided us with, very seriously.

Your data will be stored on secure servers of the Regional Computing Center of the University of Cologne (RRZK). Of course we will only request data that is necessary for using this service. Besides this privacy statement, the Data Protection Statement of the University of Cologne applies.

Name of this Service KA³ Köln
Technically identifiable as entity ''.
Description of the Service Kölner Zentrum Archivierung und Analyse von AV-Daten
Use and Transmission of Personal Data

Personal data according to § 3 paragraph 1 of the Federal Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesdatenschutzgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen (DSG NRW)) is such data that contains information on personal and factual circumstances of a certain or determinable person.

Personal data of the users, which is necessary for entering into a service or employment relationship, may be processed by the University of Cologne within the data protection regulations (see § 29 paragraph 1 Federal Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (§ 29 Abs. 1 DSG NRW).

Through registration, you will consent to the utilisation of the personal data by the University of Cologne. By using this service, you will additionally agree to the transmission of the data entered in the registration process. The data will be transmitted to the services accessed by the user. Data will not be passed on to unauthorised third parties.

Personal data processed

Personal data is received in the form of attributes describing properties of you as a person.

The following attributes are necessarily processed by this service:

If your organisation does not provide some of these user attributes, you might be requested to provide them yourself in order to use certain services.

Purpose of the processing of personal data

Personal data is used to provide access to certain protected resources. User IDs are logged when accessing data and services and might be retrieved in cases of misuse.

Third parties to whom personal data is disclosed When access to protected resources is requested, your personal data will be disclosed to the depositor(s) of the requested resources such that they can assess whether or not access should be granted. The depositor(s) could be in a country outside of the EU/EEA.
Access, Rectify and Delete the Personal Data Personal data is deleted on request of the user. Please contact To rectify the data released by your Home Organisation, contact your Home Organisation's IT helpdesk.
Data Protection Code of Conduct Personal data will be protected according to the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct for Service Providers, a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect the user's privacy.